7 Reasons Why You Need Good Workout Clothes

Good Workout Clothes

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Do you prefer aesthetics or function when it comes to workout clothes? 

Many of us are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. We might have spent a little extra on a pair of leggings or tights designed to wick sweat and aid recovery, but we’re wearing an old, oversized cotton t-shirt on top. 

The question is: Is it that important what you wear to the gym?

According to a study, there is a direct link between what we wear and how we perform and our motivation levels and risk of injury.

To explain, Nick Harris, a top human performance expert and the founder of HPE Activewear, offers professional advice on how what we wear to exercise might affect our workout:

1. It can avert injury.

“When you’re a regular exerciser, it’s critical to dress appropriately. The majority of sports injuries are caused by a lack of proper equipment, such as clothing. Whatever activity you’re doing, you should dress appropriately for that activity, looking for something to protect you from impact, strain, and overheating.

“I’d recommend investing in decent compression apparel since it improves circulation and blood flow to the heart, supplying much-needed oxygen to working muscles, minimising fatigue and pain by regulating lactic acid accumulation, and helping to improve power, endurance, and recovery.”

2. You will not feel confined.

“Lightweight fabrics and well-designed activity gear should feel like a second skin, allowing you to train without feeling confined.” 

Exercising in utmost comfort allows you to focus solely on the task and work out to your full potential. 

When shopping for training apparel, pay particular attention to the design and tailoring, selecting for seamless gear that won’t scratch or touch your skin.”

3. It maintains and regulates body temperature.

After long-hours workout at the gym, you’ll be glad you didn’t wear that old cotton shirt, as cotton absorbs sweat and holds moisture, leaving you sticky and heavy.” 

Choose light, breathable, and sweat-wicking textiles since they will whisk moisture away from your body, leaving you dry and comfortable. 

Versatile materials like Bamboo-based materials help control and maintain your body temperature so you can perform at your best in the most comfortable way possible.

4. It has the potential to boost performance.

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘dress for success,’ which may also apply to your gym attire. 

Choose workout attire that is specifically tailored for your preferred activity. 

High-quality, innovative textiles interact with the body to boost performance and can survive the rigours of intensive training to keep you at your peak. 

When it comes to better performance, comfort is crucial once again. If you’re likely to sweat, search for sweat-wicking fabrics that wick moisture away from the body.

5. It can help you feel more confident.

Clothing may be powerful in everyday life and when it comes to working out by increasing our confidence and self-esteem. 

Indeed, a psychological phenomenon known as “enclothed cognition” claims that a person’s clothing can cause mental changes that improve their performance and confidence level. 

When you look good, you feel good; 

Therefore, investing in gym equipment that helps you feel good will help you feel better at the gym and genuinely conquer a workout.

6. It affects your skin

During an exercise, low-quality and often-cheap activity gear might contain textiles that irritate the skin, causing rashes and irritation.” 

Exercising increases blood flow to your skin, which can cause itching. Sweat, dehydration, wearing tight clothing that restricts your skin’s ability to breathe, and washing your workout clothes in harsh detergents can all contribute to skin problems. 

Intense exercise can block your sweat glands, resulting in an unpleasant heat rash, so make sure you’re wearing light, breathable fabrics that keep your skin cool.

7. It can motivate you

There’s nothing like fresh gym gear to motivate you to go to the gym.

You’ll feel good, but look fantastic, which is important when mirrors in the gym surround you. 

We at Snurck believes that good attire will give you the push to perform better in your workouts. That’s the main reason why we are inspired to constantly build better apparel sets in our clothing line, so you could perform your very best on anything you do.

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