Does Bamboo Fabrics Suitable For Outdoor Workouts?

Bamboo Clothing for Workouts

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You’ll be drained, tired, sore, and terrific after a decent workout, and you’ll be covered in sweat. Whether you believe it or not, your clothes can affect how you feel during and after your workout. Especially if you are doing outdoor workouts.

The rule of thumb:

Consider two primary elements while shopping for activewear – moisture control and breathability.

Management of Moisture

When a substance becomes wet, moisture management refers to what happens next. It’s absorptive if it gets heavy and wet (not what you want). Moisture-wicking describes a fabric that does not absorb moisture (sweat).

Fabrics that drain sweat away from your skin are ideal. This allows it to evaporate more quickly, keeping you cooler.

Polyester and Bamboo-based clothing is an excellent choice. The fabric allows sweat to drain without saturating the garment and making it heavy and clammy.

Polyester is a normal fabric that you might see from various activewear out there. Bamboo on the other hand, is quite unique (yet being widely used in outside Malaysia) for being activewear in our country.

Nevertheless, bamboo-based fabric makes a perfect outdoor workout gear to wicks away moisture from your skin, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long.


The ease with which air travels through the cloth is referred to as breathability. Breathable textiles help you stay cool and comfortable by allowing heated air to escape.

It’s crucial to understand the difference between breathability and moisture-wicking. Cotton is breathable, but it doesn’t do a fantastic job of wicking moisture away from your skin (especially if you sweat a lot).

Wearing rubber or plastic-based clothing is never a good idea (like latex). Not only do they lack the stretchability and comfort of Bamboo-blend fabric, but they also hinder sweat from escaping, raising your body temperature during a workout.

How the Snurck’s T-Shirt was created

Our ambition to reengineer the industry allows us to rethink clothing completely. 

When we first started looking at activewear (or athleisure), we were interested in two things: how can we make clients feel good during a workout (material feel, ideal fit, and aesthetics), and how can we do so in a sustainable way (long-lasting, low to no waste, and affordable)?

Fit & Material

Bamboo and cotton material combined in our signature BambooBlend T-Shirt. They’re well-known for their breathability, durability, and moisture-wicking abilities. When you combine that with Snurck’s excellent fit, you’ve got a workout buddy who will never skip leg day.

BambooBlend — BambooBlend is an ultrasoft, breathable, and versatile fabric with microscopic fibrils (small hairs) that give it a sensuous texture and sweat-wicking characteristics. It’s also a natural material with antibacterial properties (it doesn’t require as much washing as normal cotton, for example).

Moreover, BambooBlend fabric plays an important role in regulating your body temperature: when it’s cold outside, they trap warm air escaping from your body, and when it’s hot outside, they drain sweat away from your body and through the fabric.

It almost seems too good to be true, but bamboo plants do live in scorching hot and freezing cold climates, so it’s understandable. Bamboo is antimicrobial by nature and requires less washing than other textiles.


If you have never tried any Bamboo products in your lifetime, this might be the time for you to experience the versatility of Bamboo fabric. Balancing between form and function plays an important role in allowing you to perform the very best in your workout sessions.

If you’re interested, experience yourself in highly-versatile Bamboo wear here >>> Shop Now

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