Guide: Swap Your Favourite Malaysian Dishes For A Better Calorie Intake

Some might not aware of how many calories they took daily. If you want to lose your stubborn fats, you might need to swap your intakes for a better ones.

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A calorie is a measurement unit for the amount of energy we expend and consume daily.

The idea is straightforward:

If you eat more calories than you burn, the extra calories are stored as fat in your body.

However, if you consume fewer calories than you expend, your body will use fat as an energy source.

And if you consume the same number of calories as you burn, the amount of fat you have will stay the same.

Some of you may not be able to limit the amount of food you consume, but you can certainly alter what you take in your daily meals.

There are several foods in Malaysia that you can substitute for meeting your daily calorific requirements.

Our opinion on Malaysian Healthy Food Swaps is as follows:

1) Fried rice vs Low-Cost Rice
3) Nasi Lemak versus Nasi Kerabu 2) Roti Canai vs Thosai
4) Tandoori Chicken vs. Fried Chicken
5) Clear Broth Noodles versus Curry Noodles
6) Seaweed Popiah vs. Fried Popiah
7) Fruit Salad vs. Pasembur
8) White Rice vs. Briyani Rice
9) Side Dishes + Mixed Rice
Banana Fritters vs. Banana Fritters
11) Sweet Potato vs. Curry Puff
13) White Coffee vs. Coffee O 12) Teh Tarik vs. Teh O

To begin with, all of these meal adjustments may appear challenging. However, as we become more aware of our eating patterns and practice making healthier choices, we will notice a difference in our bodies, energy levels, and ability to avoid diseases.

What we eat makes us who we are. We CAN make a difference right now, and it starts with every one of us.

Original article by Joanna Soh.

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