The journey to grow your Triceps starts here.

(Triceps) Exercise for you Triceps

Triceps muscle makes up majority of your upper arm, making it a crucial part of the body to exercise regularly.


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In this video, we will take you to 7 different tricep exercises you can do to get bigger arms! These are CRUCIAL exercises to add to your arm day arsenal to grow your triceps.

Reminder: DO NOT perform all 7 of these in the same routine, pick 3-4 tops and perform 3 sets at a 12-15 rep range.

The following are the exercises we’re showing in the video:

1) Close Grip Bench Press
2) EZ Bar Skullcrushers
3) Overhead Dumbbell Extensions
4) Tricep Cable Extensions
5) Single Arm Cable Extensions
6) Overhead Cable Extensions
7) Dumbbell Kickbacks

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